photo by ellis shapiro-barnum

photo by ellis shapiro-barnum


rainer turim

born nyc, 1999. aspiring photojournalist, videographer, and community enthusiast.

Rainer strives to promote his neighbors, peers, and talented friends in creating platforms for them, whether that means filming, photographing, booking, or interviewing them. Much of the born and raised New Yorker’s interests include freelancing for his neighborhood paper, working extensively on his school newspaper, and documenting the local characters of his neighborhood.

Beginning with his 4th grade after-school photography program taught by his mother and photographer Susan Schiffman, Rainer was surrounded by inspiring photographers. When he was the youngest volunteer at Con Artist Collective and then 8-Ball Community, he learned from many mentors like Nicholas McManus, John Milisenda, Lele Saveri, and Carly Lovejoy. In working with these creative spaces, Rainer’s interest in photography and videography grew. This allowed him to thrive and excel in continuing onto other work. He's eternally thankful for them.